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Chino Hills ‘For Sale by Owner’ Signs Include Unintended Messaging

If you will be selling your house this fall, an early decision will be whether to team with a Chino Hills REALTOR® or go the “For Sale by Owner” route. One thing to consider is messaging.

“Messaging” is one of those words that Chino Hills homeowners began to hear a lot after Madison Avenue decided to verbize the noun ‘message.’ I know verbize isn’t a real word, but to me, messaging convolutes English in pretty much the same way.

Messaging rose in popularity about the same time that Hollywood actors and politicians started referring to their own names as their ‘brands’—apparently on the assumption that it makes them sound more valuable. To some of us, it makes them sound more like cattle ranchers.

Nonetheless, since it’s now mainstream to be messaging this and messaging that, whether you’re leaning toward planting a For Sale by Owner sign in the front yard or recruiting an Chino Hills Realtor, you should be considering the messaging. Once you know that, you can message like crazy, confident that you’re not sending any wrong signals.

Most of the messaging will certainly be about how terrific it would be to live in the house. The subtexts might be that it’s a fantastic place that’s well worth the price asked; that any owner would be proud to invite friends and relatives over; that it’s clearly a leading contender among other Chino Hills homes in its price range.

With messaging in place, your REALTOR can create a complete professional listing, then set the ‘For Sale’ sign in the front yard. For those who would rather go it alone, they can figure out how to pay for the listing they create themselves, then plant a ‘For Sale by Owner’ sign out front.
But that could be where the messaging goes a little haywire.

Yes, a For Sale by Owner sign on a Chino Hills home announce to the world that the house is For Sale—and that is excellent, unambiguous messaging. But the by Owner part will, for some, carry some additional messaging that’s not quite as positive. Think for a moment about the impression you get whenever you see a house with that sign out front (a nicely printed one…the ones scrawled by hand on poster board don’t even count). Chances are, you are like everyone else: you assume you know something extra about the seller.

The messaging is, at best, This house is for sale by someone who is up front about not wanting to pay for a professional to sell it.

The other messaging takeaways can be less helpful:

Professionals haven’t been able to sell this house for the price you’ll be finding out about soon enough is one possibility. There is also:

Here is a bargain, sort of like a yard sale—want to pick over what’s here? Or:

This house is going to be cheaper than a real house. Or:

Nobody who is professional will be involved in any way. Or:

If you’d like to get into a personal bargaining situation with someone who considers himself a shrewd negotiator, here’s your chance!

That kind of For Sale by Owner messaging differs greatly from:

This house is professionally represented—the unambiguous messaging all my “FOR SALE” signs send. You’ve probably seen them around Chino Hills (often with a ‘SOLD’ placard attached). They’ve got my phone number on them, but you don’t have to drive around to find it, since it’s right here on the website.

You can call me right now!

This blog post was written by Chris Weilacker and Vivienne Ma top Realtor in Chino Hills you can also check out their reviews at their Chino real estate agent yelp page.

How People Make Big Money Buying Distressed Properties

Summary: While buying properties, there are many options you can consider. Buying distressed properties is also a good option for making huge money.

It goes without saying that buying properties is considered as one of the best forms of investment for years to come. Now there are different kinds of properties on which you can invest. It is obvious that you would like to invest in a property that would give you maximum returns on your investment. Studying the market carefully will help you get some idea. At the same time, it is also wise on your part to talk to some successful investors regarding the properties to invest so as to make money from the same.

Trying Something Different:

Today’s generation of investors are in an effort to try out something different, and they believe that buying distressed properties can also turn out to be excellent ways for making money. The term might often make you think of a property that has some kinds of flaws or lonely. However, in the true sense of the term there is no such property that can be a distressed property. A house might be in need of repair, but it cannot be distressed. There are, of course, hosts of benefits that you will make from the same.


  • These properties might be owned by distressed people, and therefore, there are chances that you will get them at good bargains.
  • These properties might be available at much cheaper rates than the current market value.
  • Regardless the shape of the property, you can get into some real negotiations to fix the best deals.
  • Invest on the ones that are indeed worth the value for money. Therefore, spending time for research in advance is an excellent idea in this context.
  • These properties will help you save a considerable sum of money and therefore you should not miss out the opportunity.
  • Whether you are buying the property as a home for yourself or for investment, the foreclosure market has plenty of opportunities now.
  • Once you have completed the process of buying, you might even look forward to selling it at a lower rate than the market, but at a higher rate than what you have purchased. It will take very less time to get the property sold, even if, it is distressed.

Remain Ahead Of The Game:

Do not forget that you are not the only one looking forward to buying distressed properties. There are many others that belong to the same group, and therefore, you will have to remain ahead of the game. You should always be vigilant and keep an eye on the auctioneer’s website. The word of mouth can also work as a good reference in this context. Also do not forget that location is highly important much more than the condition of the property. You can always improve the condition of the property, but cannot change the location in the future. Hence, it can be said that distressed properties provide one of the best platforms to the individuals for making money. Over the course of the years, you can simply make a jaw-dropping profit, and nothing can be better than this.

Ins And Outs Of Condominium Property Management

Summary: If you own a condo, you should give prominent attention to condominium property management because this is an important task that cannot be overlooked.

In the recent years, increasing numbers of people have started investing in condominiums. These are properties where the specific units are owned by individuals while the residents share common spaces like lifts, stairs, lawns, swimming pools, heating systems and others. These are managed and look after by the association of the condos that jointly represent the ownership of the whole piece. It can be easily understood that looking after a condo is not an easy job. Moreover, you will have to dedicate your full time to the management if you want to go for it. At the same time, it is also true that this is an important task, and you cannot overlook the importance of the same.

Making A Difference With Management:

Good condominium property management is certainly a skill, and it will help in maintaining and preserving the condition of the condo in the best way. Only in such a case, you can expect to get the best value of your hard earned money, and cut down costs, wherever possible. When it comes to paying fees to the professionals, some feel that they can handle alone. However, this can turn out to be extremely difficult in the course of time.

  • Effective property management is complex than what it may appear like. It is associated with hiring and managing contractors in order to maintain and repair the property. It also involves looking after the administrative affairs like maintaining a register for all owners, issuing legal documents, financial management and reporting and many more.
  • It is said that with effective property management, the overall value or worth of the property can increase, as a whole. A professional company maintains the property value by guiding the board to make appropriate decisions along with investments and insurance considerations.
  • EX2
  • The management companies also have complete plans for emergencies to handle disasters and unexpected crisis, whenever they tend to happen. Right from catastrophic fire to flood, they will handle each of these situations easily.
  • In fact, the condominium corporations are supposed to act in accordance with the bylaws of the corporation and also the ones that govern in the local areas.
  • The expertise of a good property manager or a management company is invaluable and it cannot be compared with individuals looking after the management of the same.

Property Information And Good Strategies:

It is important to understand that experienced companies have some of the best strategies to carry out condominium property management. In addition to that, they also have complete information regarding the nature of the property and the job needs to be done for the management of the same. As a result, it is not difficult for their experts to deliver the finest skills and expertise in effective management of the condos. Not only the condos remain clean and well-maintained, but also they are in their top-notch conditions. They attend to the needs of repair and replacement. As a resident or property owner, you can expect to get great benefits from effective management and get returns on your investment.

How Property Management Firms In The Inland Empire Protect Your Investment

If you’ve ever had experience owning a rental property, then you are probably familiar with how difficult the task can be. A property, especially one that you rent out, is an extremely important investment because it can provide you residual income. With residual income, you can easily increase your quality of life and improve your earning potential over time. The main issue with owning property, though, is that it can be very difficult to manage. To ensure that your investment is protected properly, it is best to hire an experienced property management professional – and there are many in the Inland Empire of CA. Below is a look at how these management companies really do protect you and your property.

Repairs that Arise

The first way that a property management company can help you protect your investment is through the repair process. Over time, it isn’t uncommon for property to deteriorate in value due to weather and natural wear or tear, or through the actions of a careless tenant. Not repairing your property can cause issues to become worse, thus seriously diminishing the value of your property. With a property management company working for you, you can be sure that the management company will be able to handle the entire repair process – from hiring local professionals in the Inland Empire, to overseeing that the repairs are done correctly. They can even get you the best prices because they work with contractors and repair companies on a daily basis for the other properties they manage.

Rental Fees


If you purchased a property with the intent to rent it out, then you probably realize that tenants can be difficult to deal with. It isn’t uncommon for a tenant to be delinquent on their rent or not pay at all. As a result, you may not be getting the full worth of your investment. To prevent this problem, a property management company can ensure that you are well protected. The management company can oversee your tenants and ensure that rent is collected properly – and just as importantly, that bank deposits are made so you are earning the money you expect. In addition, the manager will also make sure that your tenants are treating the property well, that there are no security issues, and that the entire operation runs smoothly.

Overall, hiring a property manager for your property is one of the best decisions that you can make. A property manager knows how to maintain your investment while handling all of the tenant issues which arise.

Finding The Best Deal On Property Liability Insurance

Summary: Securing your property against any threats of lawsuit is essential due to which you should go for the property liability insurance. You can expect to get the best deals on them.

As a property owner, it is obvious that you have to take lots of things into consideration to make sure that it is secure and protected. The legal aspects of the property are also something that you should not fail to consider. For instance, if anybody gets hurt on your property, you will have to bear the responsibility for the same. On the other hand, some person might also file a lawsuit against your property. These are issues that you might have to deal with on a regular basis. The best option is to get protection with proper insurance.

Protecting Yourself And Your Property:


In order to protect yourself from any kinds of property liability claims, you should get property liability insurance. It is true that most people overlook the importance of the insurance as an extra expense, but in the recent years many owners have started understanding the importance of the same. The liability claims are very common in the recent years and hence the need to get protection through the insurance.

  • There are many companies that offer coverage for liability claims on your property. You can research thoroughly to find out the coverage that each company is offering
  • There are several factors that affect the pricing of the policies and the premiums that you have to pay each month. However, it is crucial that you check out the complete details.
  • It is wise to first consider the nature of property you own because different types of properties will have different coverage. Ranging from the buildings, inventory supplies and the machineries in your property, do not forget to consider these things.
  • You should not go solely with a policy that fits your budget. On the other hand, you should also not get bankrupt by buying large policies. Understand your needs before coming to a decision.
  • The best way is to shop around by carrying out a thorough research. You will surely come across the best deals. There are several sites on the internet that allow you to compare the prices for getting a reasonable premium.
  • You can purchase an additional policy if you think that the coverage in a single policy is not sufficient to get maximum benefits.

Making A Wise Decision:

For a property owner, it is important to make a wise decision to protect your property from the threats of lawsuits. Therefore, you should never overlook the significance of property liability insurance. Talk to different insurance agents and check out if they can offer any discounts based on the coverage. In addition to that, you should not compromise on the quality of the coverage. Check out the reputation of the insurance company so that you get all the possible help during the hours of crisis. In fact, you can be assured that the insurance coverage will not only help you save your money, but also give you a complete peace of mind. Nothing is better than this. Therefore, do not delay any more. It is time to look for the best deals in the insurance policies.

Leveraging Properties: A Strong Real Estate Strategy

Summary: It is a good idea to go for leveraging properties instead of using from your own reserve because you can get great returns in the course of time. It is a good strategy, as a whole.

While investing on any property, you might consider making use of your own funds. However, experience investors are always of the idea that instead of using your own funds, you can utilize the finances of the bank to make an investment. There are several people that benefit with maximum returns when they utilize the finances of the bank. In fact, they say that it is one of the best strategies in the real estate market, and you can even maximize your profit making potential by making use of this strategy. Nothing is better than this.

A Good Source Of Cash Flow:

Well, borrowing can certainly create a great impact on the cash that comes to your rental properties. It is because of this reason that many people prefer the option of leveraging properties. However, prior to anything it is important to understand how much the property is paying you. In other words, it is simplest forms of capitalization with the net rental income from the purchasing price.

  • Real estate IRA accounts can make the best use of the borrowed money by considering the credit history, the assets of the account holder and the income.
  • It is crucial to understand that cash flow leveraging is about the cost of borrowing funds. The difference between the cost of borrowing and the return from the property are some of the crucial factors that work in this case.
  • You need to buy positively leveraged property in order to increase the level of cash flow.
  • However, if you have some losses in rental income or if the interest rates moves up, a positively leveraged property can also turn into a negative one. In this case, it is wise to allow the vacancy rates change.
  • Assuming that the rates of properties increase after every few years, the borrowers net worth purchase would also grow within a short time.
  • You may be in a position where you find your partners furnishing some of the money. Some sellers might also be interested in financing a part of the property price they wish to sell. Hence, you can purchase with a little money down and sometimes no down payment, at all.

Consulting With Experts:

If you are unsure about the leveraging properties and its aspects, the best idea is to talk to a real estate expert. You will get complete ideas on the aspect. Consequently, you can make the best use of the strategy for reaping benefits in the best way. There are many people that make use of this strategy in order to increase their returns on investment in the course of few years. However, in some cases, if the property prices do not appreciate, you might have to incur some losses. Therefore, it is wise on your part to check out each and every detail and minute facts before making any move. It will be easy for you to make up your mind regarding the amount you want to borrow, and the amount of money that you might use from your personal reserve.

Does My Multi-Family Rental Have To Be Handicapped Accessible?

Summary: It is always a wise idea to go for handicapped accessible properties so as to attract disable clients and get good returns on investment later.

Millions of people across the world have disabilities due to which they find it difficult to use the traditional homes because these setups do not meet their needs. As a landlord, you can attract potential disable tenants by improving facilities in your property that are easily accessible to the handicapped. Well, there is no hard and fast rule that you will have to make your property attractive to the handicapped, but if you make an attempt, you will increase the chances of getting fair rents. You can always look forward to converting your apartments that are friendly and comfortable to the people with special needs.

Trying Out Something Different:


It is true that there are very less apartments or rental properties that are handicapped accessible. Therefore, if you can make it accessible, it will attract potential tenants. If you make few changes and modifications instead of keeping it idle and vacant, it will benefit you to a great extent. You can also get good amount of rent.

  • You can make the design in such a way so that wheelchairs can easily be moved. Right from the doorway to the countertops, these can pose obstacle for anyone in a wheelchair. You can design it in such a way so that it is accessible to the handicapped.
  • Try to make sure that the entrances to the rental property do not contain stairs. You can replace them with wheelchair ramp. Check local building codes and make the ramp with different materials.
  • The doorways must be wide enough for accommodating a wheelchair. You can consider changing the hinge system on the doors allowing the doors to open wider.
  • You can also concentrate on the faucets to a single lever style. These are quite easy for people to grip without full mobility in hands. These faucets are raised to turn on and pushed down to turn off for controlling temperature.
  • Do not forget that sinks are often harder for disabled people to access because of the low vanity cabinets. You can consider installing pedestal sinks or even wall mounted sinks by removing the cabinets altogether.
  • Bathing is also a great challenge for handicapped people. If you install tub or shower units that are easily accessible to the handicapped, nothing can be better than that.
  • If you want, you can also install a personal alarm system inside the home. The residents can ask for help if they ever need it. Hence, things will be easier to manage, as a whole.

Attracting Potential Clients:

As you make your rental property handicapped accessible, you can add this extra facility while placing an advertisement. Some people are also ready to pay higher rents when they find these extra facilities. As a result, you can get extra benefits in terms of profits. In terms of expenses, there is nothing to bother because you will get returns on your investment. It is true that there is a shortage of accessible apartments and therefore, if you make efforts towards it, you will surely make a great contribution.

Your Guide To Renting In The Inland Empire

Summary: It is a wise idea to consider renting in the Inland Empire in the most appropriate way so that you get good tenants ready to pay good rents for a great source of cash.

Most homeowners in Inland Empire prefer renting their homes to prospective tenants. After all, this is a great place to live and the number of people coming here to live in the area has increased over the years. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to possess a home in this area, nothing is better than this. With multiple properties, you can even rent your home, and you can be assured that the availability of tenants will not be difficult. Instead of living your property vacant, it is wise to look for tenants. Consequently, you can also earn a handsome amount in terms of the rent.

Tips For Successful Renting:


You have never rented before, and you don’t have much idea about renting in the Inland Empire. It is true that many people mull over the idea of renting their homes, especially in a down market. The extra income that you get from the rent will help you financially in large numbers of ways. Taking a look at the exact ways of renting will surely help you out.

  • First of all, you will have to determine whether you can handle the obligation of being a landlord. The benefits of renting are astounding. You will have your property maintained and you will also enjoy extra tax benefits. However, the responsibility should fit into your life easily.
  • Do not forget that tenants are choosy and are more attentive to details. This is mainly because of the increased availability of rental homes. Keep your home clean and appliances working in good condition to attract potential tenants!
  • Initially, renting might seem to be an easy task, but there are lots of hassles and complications involved. The best idea is to hire professionals to manage all the aspects of your rented property in Inland Empire.
  • Check out the rents in your area and set a competitive price. Potential tenants will always look around for deals and setting the rent at a competitive price will be helpful.
  • Try to screen you tenants and choose them carefully so that there is no question of vandalism in the future.
  • If your home needs some repair and replacement, do not overlook those aspects. These are some of the crucial factors by means of which you can attract the target tenants.

Taking Your Home:

There is no denying that renting in the Inland Empire is a beneficial task for both the landlord and tenants. However, you should take time to follow the appropriate guidance regarding the same. You should address different issues associated with your property so that it is not difficult for you to get good tenants. At the same time, you should also check out for potential pitfalls so that you do not experience any problem, as a whole. Both you and your tenants will have complete peace of mind, and you can look forward to sharing an excellent relationship with your tenants. Even if, you make investments prior to renting, you can be certain that you will get more than the value that you have invested.